Azalea Japonica: an abundantly flowering plant

The Azalea Japonica belongs to the Rhododendron genus, although it originates from Japan, as does the name. RODA PLANT bvba in Lochristi offers this lovely garden plant in a variety of beautiful colours. The Azalea Japonica shows its beauty in the springtime by producing an abundant array of big, colourful blooms. They are extremely popular and are definitely to be recommended as part of your stock.

Practical details

We offer three pot sizes for the Azalea Japonica: 14 cm, 17 cm and 19 cm. They all feature a large, clear label stating the genus name and displaying a clear photograph of the flower on the front. On the back you will find the plant passport and a number of plant care tips, printed in four languages.

Rodaplant - Azalea Japonica Pot size: 14 cm
Size: 20-22 cm
Number per layer: 4 trays of 8
Number per container: 6 layers
Types available:  Download the list

Rodaplant - Azalea Japonica Pot size: 17 cm
Size: 25-30 cm
Number per layer: 30 plants loaded separately, also available in trays of 6 on request
Number per container: 5 layers
Types available: Download the list

Rodaplant - Azalea Japonica Pot size: 19 cm
Size: 30-40 cm
Number per layer: 21 plants loaded separately
Number per container: 5 layers
Types available:Download the list


Our family company in Lochristi also offers a wide range of different types of garden plants, such as the Rhododendron and Camellia. Be sure to take a look at our whole range and feel free to contact us for any other questions you may have.